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The Ancients and Astrology

Greetings Everyone, and welcome back to our weekly study and opinion of Albert Pike’s Morals and Dogma.
We are continuing om with chapter 25 where Pike is writing about the ancients astrological beliefs.This section is more decriptive and not necessicarily giving me much room for much opinion. Pike is schooling us regarding what exactly was and not really leaving much to decipher.So, I will “get out of the way” as it is, and copy and paste just Pike’s text here for the next 4-5 paragraphs.Before I do so, let me relay some news from Universal Freemason.First, I am currently working on an app for your phones that will alert you when these lessons are posted, also there will be some very useful items for masons. Stay tuned regarding this development.Also, TODAY I will be casting the resin glow in the dark square and compasses and also some glow in the dark pentagrams.
They will be up on eBay tonight, but if you are interested in purchasing either, or have suggestions or comments or questio…

Light Equals Existence

Greetings and welcome back to our study and opinion of Albert Pike’s “Morals and Dogma”.
We are continuing chapter 25.In these paragraphs we will study Pike’s views regarding the ancients beliefs in “light” in a literal and figurative sense.
Masons and Gnostics regard “light” as a symbol of knowledge and wisdom over ignorance. Which is why Masons are always seeking “more light”, as we know we are never in full possession of truth or wisdom.Before I get ahead of myself, LET’S READ PIKE!Memphis, in Egypt, was in Latitude 29° 5" North, and in Longitude 30° 18' East. Thebes, in Upper Egypt, in Latitude 25° 45' North, and Longitude 32° 43' East. Babylon was in Latitude 32° 30' North, and Longitude 44° 23' East: while Saba, the ancient Sab├Žan capital of Ethiopia, was about in Latitude 15° North.Through Egypt ran the great River Nile, coming from beyond Ethiopia, its source in regions wholly unknown, in the abodes of heat and fire, and its course from South to North. …