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The History of Masonry is The History of Philosophy

Greetings and welcome back to our study of Albert Pike’s “Morals and Dogma” as we continue on with chapter 26.   The last time we visited Morals and Dogma, we studied the chatechism of the 26th degree. Going forward, we will be looking a little closer at the meanings of the chatechism as Pike guides us through the details.    We continue on page 540 where Pike begins to teach us the deeper meanings of the 26th degree.   And now, LET’S READ PIKE! The history of Masonry is the history of Philosophy. Masons do not pretend to set themselves up for instructors of the human race: but, though Asia produced and preserved the Mysteries, Masonry has, in Europe and America, given regularity to their doctrines, spirit, and action, and developed the moral advantages which mankind may reap from them. More consistent, and more simple in its mode of procedure, it has put an end to the vast allegorical pantheon of ancient mythologies, and itself become a science.None can deny that Christ taught a lofty mo…

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