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Symbolism of the Square and Compass

A Tendency To Go in a Particular Direction

Greetings and welcome back to our study and opinion of Albert Pike’s “Morals and Dogma” as we continue chapter 26!  As we continue this chapter, we will find Pike commenting upon the fascinating forces of nature that rule the direction and tendencies in which we are are bound to. Without any more delay, LET’S READ PIKE! The greatest mysteries in the Universe are those which are ever going on around us; so trite and common to us that we never note them nor reflect upon them. Wise men tell us of the laws that regulate the motions of the spheres, which, flashing in huge circles and spinning on their axes, are also ever darting with inconceivable rapidity through the infinities of Space; while we atoms sit here, and dream that all was made for us. They tell us learnedly of centripetal and centrifugal forces, gravity and attraction, and all the other sounding terms invented to hide a want of meaning. There are other forces in the Universe than those that are mechanical.Pike ends this paragrap…

Evil Will Ultimately Be Dethroned

Greetings and welcome back as we continue Chapter 26 of Morals and Dogma.   This chapter explores the intricacies of different religious thought and spiritual paths, and, most importantly in my opinion, reminds the Mason that freemasonry belongs to not one single religion or spiritual path.  Inherent in all of the degrees are lessons from every single religion, showing no prejudice towards any religion. This chapter continues to remind us that, we too, should live our lives in that manner.   And now, LET’S READ PIKE!    To every Mason, the Infinite Justice and Benevolence of God give ample assurance that Evil will ultimately be dethroned, and the Good, the True, and the Beautiful reign triumphant and eternal. It teaches, as it feels and knows, that Evil, and Pain, and Sorrow exist as part of a wise and beneficent plan, all the parts of which work together under God's eye to a result which shall be perfection. Whether the existence of evil is rightly explained in this creed or in that, …

How To Read Morals and Dogma

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We Undervalue The Importance of No Truth (Begin Chptr 26)

Greetings and Welcome as we begin our study and opinion of Chapter 26 of Albert Pike’s “Morals and Dogma”. In this chapter we study more completely the recurring theme of Morals and Dogma (and in my opinion what should be the theme of modern freemasonry) of understanding all truth from no matter where that truth originates whether it be from a different religion than our own, a different political ideology than our own, or from a different time and place than our own. This chapter speaks to me on a personal level as I have spent a great portion of life studying and trying to understand different religious beliefs and spiritual paths, and have partaken in more than a few of those beliefs and spiritual paths, myself. Open your minds, get comfortable, and LET’S READ PIKE! XXVI. PRINCE OF MERCY, OR SCOTTISH TRINITARIAN. WHILE you were veiled in darkness, you heard repeated by the Voice of the Great Past its most ancient doctrines. None has the right to object, if the Christian Mason sees…