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Happy Holidays!

It's been a wonderful year for The Universal Freemason Research Society as we have continued our study of Albert Pike's "Morals and Dogma" YOU have been exceptionally supportive in our efforts to revive interest in Pike's words and to bring Masonic philosophy into a prominent and positive light in this modern era as a means to bring hope to and improvement to our societies and cultures in which we live all around the world as we improve ourselves individually. This study has been read world wide as we have published new material almost every week. THANK YOU! Thank you for your time and positive words, we are hopeful The Universal Freemason Research Society has been successful in helping on your journey towards more light! In 2017, we are planning on accomplishing some big goals, starting with a quarterly emagazine currently being drafted for release in late January. We will also complete the Morals and Dogma study next year as we will have read all 32 chapters, but never fear! We will revisit some of the earlier chapters and also include some studies of Manly P. Hall. The Universal Freemason You Tube channel will see more production as we explore all sorts of Masonic symbolism, and how that symbolism can help you in your daily life. We will also be delving into some mystic themes from studies and texts of Rosicrucianism! Is there any aspects of masonry or mysticism YOU would like to see explored by The Universal Freemason Research Society? Let us know by email at Be safe as you celebrate the holidays! Peace, Love, and Joy to you all and thanks for your support! Johnny T. Asher President and Founder The Universal Freemason Research Society


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Who am I? Why am I here? (continue chapter 28)

Welcome back as we continue reading and studying Chapter 28 of Albert Pike’s “Morals and Dogma”.   Today, we further our thoughts about God and mankind, and we begin with the age old questions “Who am I? Why am I here?"    Some days, I must admit to wondering if this position I hold in existence in the universe is just a waste of time. Then upon further review of the question, I realize that existence is NOT a waste of time, but failing to try and better society, both present and future societies, during my existence is certainly a missed opportunity.  And now, LET’S READ PIKE! Before the world grew old, the primitive Truth faded out from men's Souls. Then man asked himself, "What am I? and how and whence am I? and whither do I go?" And the Soul, looking inward upon itself, strove to learn whether that "I" were mere matter; its thought and reason and its passions and affections mere results of material combination; or a material Being enveloping an immaterial …

A Menace for the Church and Society

Greetings and Welcome Back as we continue our study of Albert Pike’s “Morals and Dogma”.     This time we continue with chapter 30 where Pike continues his thoughts on the persecution of religious ideals and other pursuits of truth that were contrary to societal “norms” in their own time. We know that the Knight Templars paid with their lives for their own pursuits of truth that was deemed contrary to the Catholic Church, we also have learned that many of the Templar rituals are used in Masonic Lodges even today.   We know it is the duty of a freemason to uphold the rights of all people to pursue whatever truth that the individual aspires to, whether that truth be secular or religious.   And now, LET’S READ PIKE! An hundred years ago it had become known that the ‏ו ?Q?D?Sה‎ were the Templars under a veil, and therefore the Degree was pro-scribed, and, ceasing to be worked, became a mere brief and formal ceremony, under another name. Now, from the tomb in which after his murders he rott…

A Look at The gods (and their relationships to one another)

Greetings and welcome back to our study and opinion of Albert Pike’s “Morals and Dogma” as we continue with chapter 28.   This time we will read Pike’s study of the ancient gods and their relationships between them and to the god(s) we are familiar with today.    “Why do we need to keep studying the ancient gods and religions, anyway?” , you may ask.     You may feel that you are firm in your own belief system, and you may feel as though you have somehow inherited THE true way to believe in and worship within the religion you chose or were raised up to believe in.     There is no issue in feeling that way. And, most Masons should have a respect that you feel that way and most likely many reading this page have the same thoughts as you regarding the study of any other religion except their own.     We should study other belief systems because we usually find that our own belief system has more in common with another than are different from another. When we realize that the story of the orig…