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Happy Holidays!

It's been a wonderful year for The Universal Freemason Research Society as we have continued our study of Albert Pike's "Morals and Dogma" YOU have been exceptionally supportive in our efforts to revive interest in Pike's words and to bring Masonic philosophy into a prominent and positive light in this modern era as a means to bring hope to and improvement to our societies and cultures in which we live all around the world as we improve ourselves individually. This study has been read world wide as we have published new material almost every week. THANK YOU! Thank you for your time and positive words, we are hopeful The Universal Freemason Research Society has been successful in helping on your journey towards more light! In 2017, we are planning on accomplishing some big goals, starting with a quarterly emagazine currently being drafted for release in late January. We will also complete the Morals and Dogma study next year as we will have read all 32 chapters, but never fear! We will revisit some of the earlier chapters and also include some studies of Manly P. Hall. The Universal Freemason You Tube channel will see more production as we explore all sorts of Masonic symbolism, and how that symbolism can help you in your daily life. We will also be delving into some mystic themes from studies and texts of Rosicrucianism! Is there any aspects of masonry or mysticism YOU would like to see explored by The Universal Freemason Research Society? Let us know by email at Be safe as you celebrate the holidays! Peace, Love, and Joy to you all and thanks for your support! Johnny T. Asher President and Founder The Universal Freemason Research Society


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My Lodge Has Beautiful Ornaments, But What Do They Mean?

My Lodge Has Beautiful Ornaments! But What Do They Mean?Posted on February 28, 2013 by jtasher  Greetings everyone and welcome as we study now pages 14-18 of Albert Pike’s Morals and Dogma. Here Pike is describing more of the interior of the lodge room and explaining the meanings of what is symbolized by what is called the ORNAMENTS of the lodge room.  We will proceed a little differently tonight. I will post a paragraph or two at a time as we begin rather than posting all of the pages first then reposting and opining again. Let me know if you like this structure better. Here we go!        The ORNAMENTS of a Lodge are said to be “the Mosaic Pavement, the Indented Tessel, and the Blazing Star.” The Mosaic Pavement, chequered in squares or lozenges, is said to represent the ground-floor of King Solomon’s Temple; and the Indented Tessel “that beautiful tesselated border which surrounded it.” The Blazing Star in the centre is said to be “an emblem of Divine Providence, and commemorative o…

Be Fair, Be Firm, Seek Justice (Begin Chapter 31 of Morals and Dogma)

Greetings Everyone and Welcome to the 31st Chapter of Morals and Dogma. We are almost finished studying and opining this great work of Albert Pike.         It has taken about 2 years to get this far in our study. Unfortunately, I lost much of the study (formerly at masonic due to using another blog site that demanded payments that I coud not afford due to paying for cancer treatments instead.     Many of those studies are written in The Working Tools Magazine, which I have copies of and will scan and transfer those lessons onto this site after we reach the end of Chapter 32.       This time, we begin Chapter 31 as I mentioned, where Pike has written some very valuable lessons for all freemasons.       All too often, I believe we forget our purposes as freemasons, where we get busy with Lodge business, and not busy enough with the obligation of being an instrument of morality and justice in our daily lives.          This Chapter will remind us all of our real duties, I am hopefu…

The Rose Croix...A Mystic Sect

Greetings and welcome back as we continue with chapter 30 of Morals and Dogma as we study the teachings therein.   We are about 2 chapters away from finishing Morals and Dogma. Those of you who might have been joining me from the start know it has been a long road through personal trials and illnesses that we have been this far in the last 3 years, and I am only touching upon my own life.  I am sure many of you have been through much yourselves.  This time, we will study Pike’s words regarding the beginning of the Rose Croix, or Rose Cross.   We will examine the ancient symbolism of the rose and hopefully, we can bring the meanings of this mystery into our own lives.   Now, LET’S READ PIKE! "The Successors of the Ancient Adepts Rose-Croix, abandoning by degrees the austere and hierarchial Science of their Ancestors in initiation, became a Mystic Sect, united with many of the Templars, the dogmas of the two intermingling, and believed themselves to be the sole depositaries of the …